No Bloody Way
No asphalt plant for Teven

What's going on?

Fulton Hogan and Holcim were proposing to Ballina Council that a 30 metre high 24/7 asphalt (petrochemical) plant be built in Teven in Northern NSW. We were notified of this by a “Community newsletter” delivered to only six properties in April this year.

We, the Teven Tintenbar Community Association, fought this proposal hard for two months. On 26 June we learnt that we had been successful. Holcim had decided to reject Fulton Hogan from developing an asphalt plant within their Teven hard rock quarry site. The pressure we had applied was too great. We had a planner undertake an audit of the quarry as well as providing planning advice. We had film makers documenting everything – requesting interviews with everybody from the Ballina Shire Council to the Fulton Hogan and Holcim Board of Directors. We undertook a thorough communications campaign with both soft and hard costs like printing stickers, flyers, setting up a website etc.

Engaging professionals to assist the community effort worked. But it came at a cost. We now ask that all those who have been saved from this asphalt plant contribute what they can. We had set up this page just prior to being notified of the success. 

We fought. We won. We have clean air still. We have clean water still. For those who are able, let’s SHARE THE COST.

Here's some information about what was being proposed.

Thank you.

The Teven Tintenbar Community Association


How you can help

Please donate here if you are able. Teven has been saved from a 30 metre high petrochemical plant. Please help us to share the costs around those who have benefitted. Thank you so much.